Keith Evan Green, director

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Former PhD students:
• Arash Soleimani
• George Schafer
• Anthony Threat
• Joe Manganelli
• Tarek Mohktar
• Henrique Houayek

Former Masters students
• Alex Bernard (MEng)
• Christina Keefe (MEng)
• Samantha Hollenberg (MEng)
• Roanja Milo (MEng)

Former Undergrads
• Liheng Li (CS/ECE)
• Bill Addo (CS)
• Audrey Tirtohadiguno (DEA)
• Conrad McCarthy (ME)
• Gauri Jain (ECE)

Ian D. Walker, Clemson University
Henriette Bier. TU Delft
TU Deflt idStudioLab (IE minor)
Bartlett School Space Syntax Lab
U. So. Denmark Modular Robotics
Fraunhofer Institute | IESE
Roger C. Peace Rahab. Hospital
Richland Library, Columbia, SC


Keith Evan Green | Director, ARL
is director of the ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB and professor of design (DEA) and mechanical engineering (MAE) at Cornell University. With frequent support of the U.S. National Science Foundation, Green and his lab strives to realize the kinds of cyber-physical systems that cultivate interactions across people and their surroundings that define places of social, cultural and psychological significance. Widely published in IEEE and ACM journals and proceedings, Green is also the author of a recent book for MIT Press, Architectural Robotics: Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes and Biology (2016). Green earned B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.Arch. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. (Keith Evan Green's homepage)

Yixiao Wang pic Yixiao Wang | PhD DEA
is a Ph.D. student at Cornell in Design + Environmental Analysis (DEA) at Cornell. Prior to Cornell, Yixiao earned a master of architecture at UC Berkeley and worked with ASAP (Buffalo) and Marc Fornes & Theverymany (New York) on the "Chrysalis Amphitheatre" project in Merriweather Park, Columbia, MD. For as long as Yixiao can remember, he's been passionate about tinkering with computers, electronics and design. In the lab, his specific research focus is the development and testing of a robotics embedded room serving as a partner with human inhabitants undertaking creative activities. Outside the lab, Yixiao plays piano and reads novels.

Elena Sabinson| PhD DEA
is a PhD student at Cornell in the department of Design + Environmental Analysis. Elena received her MS in Interior Architecture & Design from Drexel University and a BA from Binghamton University, where she studied Philosophy and Creative Writing. Her research draws from all of these experiences by focusing on spatial factors within the environment, and a desire to learn more about how we can use fiction and theory in tandem as platforms for good design. Elena is particularly fascinated with emerging technologies and how to implement these new interactions so that they increase empathy. She hopes to contribute to a new ethical landscape of human robot interaction (HRI), and explore the use of biological materials and digital design practices in creative and innovative ways.

Carlos Araujo de Aguiar | PhD DEA is a Ph.D. student at Cornell in Design + Environmental Analysis from Rio de Janeiro. Prior to Cornell, Carlos earned a master of computational design at University of Washington. Carlos is exploring how distributed, responsive systems can foster place attachment in human inhabitants. In the lab, his research focuses on EnAct, a responsive, cyber-physical, urban public space accommodating (especially) elders. Carlos is also contributing to the development of the home+ project enabling aging in place, such that his broader aim is to make a more capacious living environment for older people both inside and outside their homes. When not in the lab, Carlos enjoys reading science fiction novels and practicing yoga and meditation.

Alex Bernard Richa Sirohi | M.Eng Systems
is a Cornell graduate student pursuing a Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering. She comes to Cornell directly from the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), and will return to JPL after graduation.
For JPL, Richa worked on the M2020 Mars Rover. She earned a MS in Mechanical Engineering at Baylor University, and was a Fullbright Alternate and an IBM Thomas J. Watson Scholar.

Alex Bernard Mengni (Ni) Zhang | PhD DEA
is a PhD DEA student at Cornell focussed in Human Behavior and Design. His focus include interactive environment, healthcare architecture, wellness design and robotics. Prior to joining the DEA, he has been working in San Francisco as a healthcare architect for five years, developing a special interest in interaction and robotics for hospital settings. Mengni holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from Cornell's AAP and a master's degree in design studies with concentration in urban resilience from Harvard's GSD. He is also madly obsessed with Bach. 

Samantha H Photo Christian Ray | M.Eng MAE
is a Cornell Master’s of Engineering student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton. Christian enjoys making gizmos and has helped develop laparoscopic surgical equipment, automated urban farming kits, and additively manufactured scoliosis braces. Currently, Christian is developing a novel gripper end effector for the home+ team. In his spare time, he enjoys shredding electric guitar as well as shredding ski slopes. .

Christina Keefe photo Kaustav Das| MA DEA
is a Cornell
MA student in Design + Environmental Analysis with a minor in Information Science. He was born in India and brought up in Singapore. He completed his BS in Mechanical Engineering in Georgia Tech with a minor in Industrial Design. Kaustav is interested in designing and prototyping creative and innovative products for people. He likes to research user needs, brainstorm and design concepts using CAD, and conducting iterative usability testing to refine the user experience. Kaustav plays soccer, and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and camping. 

Paulina Villcreces Paulina Villacreces | MS DEA
is an MSc student in Design + Environmental Analysis
with a concentration in Human Factors & Ergonomics. Paulina is from Quito, Ecuador. She did her BS at San Francisco State University in Product Design: with a concentration in Product Design & Development. For the past two years she has been designing and fabricating different mobility devices and adaptive equipment for children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Bill Addo | BS CS
a Cornell undergraduate pursuing Computer Science. He is from Bronx, New York and is interested in artificial intelligence. In the Architectural Robotics Lab, Bill is contributing to developing and implementing the AI in robots partnering with, learning from, and teaching young children and other robots. In his spare time, Bill plays the guitar and piano, and can also be seen skateboarding around campus.

Sophie Lan | BS CS/ECE
is a Cornell undergraduate pursuing computer science. She became interested in the Architectural Robotics Lab after learning about the LIT ROOM and cyberPLAYce; the concept of engaging students in learning by interacting with a cyber-physical environment appeals to her because she loves working with elementary-aged children. In the lab, Sophie is focused on machine learning of human-robot activity patterns for implementation in the lab’s intelligent environments. Outside the lab, Sophie is violinist with the Cornell Symphony Orchestra.