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ARL's SORT robots were the feature of an IEEE Spectrum article.

In a Wall Street Journal article, Keith Evan Green's architectural robotics research was identified as the foundation for robot furniture companies like Ori and Bumblebee.

• ARL students win the HRI'21 Student Design Competition [paper].

BEST DEMO PAPER AWARD, IDC'20: growbot [demo video; paper download].

* The Architectural Robotics Lab was the subject of a Cornell Research feature.

• ARL Mech.E student Deanna Kocher was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP) that provides a stipend and tuition for 3 years.

•Keith Evan Green spoke at Border Sessions - Europe's "SXSW."

Submit your papers to our Springer Book Series, Adaptive Environments.

The LIT ROOM (NSF IIS-1352992) was featured in the Huffington Post.

Keith Evan Green spoke at GSM3 at TU Delft. A few moments from the talk.

An interview with Keith Evan Green was featured in Architectural Record.