AWE homepage 2015

The physical environment made interactive and adaptive by embedded robotic systems has great promise to support and augment us as we roam, explore, create, interconnect, and age.

At the interface of design, robotics, and psychology, the ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB (or "ARL") led by Keith Evan Green creates cyber-physical environments for an increasingly digital society. In so doing, the ARL strives to cultivate interactions across living things and their surroundings to form techno(eco)logies. The novelty of the lab's research lies in its recognition of the built environment, from furniture to the metropolis, as a next frontier of human-machine interaction. More broadly, the ARL generates new vocabularies of design and new, complex realms of understanding that shape novel, computational and bio-centric environments.

Defined by radical collaboration. the ARL addresses complex problems and opportunities of an increasingly digital world by developing and testing meticulous, artfully-designed, cyber-physical environments that act, think, and grow with their inhabitants - Architectural Robotics. Informed by human needs, wants, curiosity, and a concern for our survival on the planet, the ARL focuses on healthcare, creativity and learning, working life, autonomous vehicles and spacecraft, community and civic life, disaster relief, and mass urbanization.